Dating british made stanley planes, no 2 hand plane


Overall this is quite respectible example of a quite scarce plane. The Frog The sole The rear The base The front knob and manufacture markings The stripped plane Any more pics required? We do sell quite a few Norris and Spiers planes, but it must be borne in mind that these planes are far too scarce to maintain a constant stock of good planes at a reasonable price. Cupid's bow bridge Norris planes of any model are as scarce as hen's teeth.

Resources for Identifying Antique Wood Planes

The one bad thing is that a fool has stropped the top of each blade with a power strop. Frankly, I'm not sure if they can be. For the advanced Stanley rule collector. This plane was probably made by Lyons of London, but it is not marked.

  1. Stanley applied a sticker to the totes for a few years in the late s.
  2. The rosewood has some light tool box rash and looks a bit dull.
  3. This is a small size shoulder plane, and sits lower than most.
  4. The dovetailed body has no pitting and is very nice.
  5. The head has some tool box rash.
  6. The original iron would have been a tapered iron at this time.
Identifying Antique Wood Planes

There is as sliver missing from the rosewood on the right side. The mouth is very tight, as you would want. The mouth is chipped up, african south and screw has been run up through the sole to reinforce a hairline crack on one side. It has been lightly cleaned by an expert and still retains some light patina.

It leaves a nice clean edge. An exciting find for the advanced collector. The body has been lightly cleaned by a collector, but not all buffed up by any means. The first English Stanleys didn't have a rib at the rounded ends of the main casting like the one in Pat's photos.

Clearly their performance was not lacking. Btw they also lacked frog adjustment screws and retainers. This plane looks unused although the iron has been honed. The plane is so scarce that you have to look past this.

Stanley English Type Study Draft

The blade is marked with the J. Really quite a nice example. Gardner, a wooden plane maker. All of the metal trim on this rule is in brass, rather than the standard German silver.

Dating british made stanley planes

The iron is full original length. It is the earlier style Norris wedge with the rounded finial. Somewhere along the line they went from cast Y lever, to the two piece stamped on, then back to a die cast one. Cleaned overall so that the metal has no patina.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

Five important confusion-busting facts about Type Studies

Tool price guides from past years should not be overlooked as a valuable source of wood plane identification. Now, there appears to have been images in this thread at one point, just wondering if I must speak an incarnation to see them? It really fits the hand well and would be a great user like this.

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Stanley's Forgotten Bedrock. It would steill last a lifetime or two at the rate that most of us amateurs use planes. Price guides generally have excellent descriptions, pictures or drawings of the various wood planes in addition to the current retail price of the plane. We all all plane folk here and are willing to speak plainly about your plane. The two-piece lateral adjuster and the cast one-piece blade advancer plus no bed ribs and beech handle and knob all point to your No.

The box is tatty and would be a good candidate for restoration. It is as new, and below it, the plane shows evidence of repeated strikes. It would not be good to use with an adjuster because it is too rough to fit the adjuster precisely. There is one check in the top of the fill, stage dating bordeaux 4 which is the result of using a piece with so much figure. It is a sweetheart marked plane.

Antique Planes

This plane has been in my collection and before that was in an important Scottish collection. These early Mathieson infill planes are still a bit of a mystery to collectors. Specially if its scary sharp.

The castings were thrown into the bucket of a front end loader and jostled around by jiggling the bucket and then dumped on the next pile. Slater, London A very rare Benjamin Slater shoulder plane. It has the heavier casting of the s planes. The attention to detail on these planes extends to even shaping the top of the iron to match the rounded shape of the bun. The wood is rosewood, including the bed.

The box is from the s and is in nice condition. There is still traces of lacquer on the brass on the inside. The lever cap retains much of the original lacquer. It is quiet and does not require a dust extractor. One of them has light pitting on the point making the markings hard to read.

An early owner's name has been applied on the upper left corner, among other locations probably to prevent theft or aid in identification. This is overall an exceptional example with a tight mouth and very crisp condition. The maker's mark was struck a bit unevenly and is faint on the top.

United States

It will blend back in within a few years. Strangely, the maker's mark has been defaced. For a user, it is a great example. The dovetailed variety typically sell for much more, but the cast type, like this one, are in my experience even more scarce. There is a split in the hande at the front of the base, that is tight and is not an issue.

No 2 hand plane

  • The gunmetal surface has some very light tool box rash.
  • The Bailey line was and still is considered the benchmark for planes and with performance like this, one can see why.
  • The first skew mouthed Slater made plane that I have ever seen.

British Metal Planes, commonly referred to as infill planes, represent the pinnacle of refinement in cabinetmaking planes. They even made a mitre plane version that had an adjustable mouth, the only British mitre plane with this feature that I am aware of. Interestingly, Stanley had patents for a number of lateral adjusters but only two apparently ever made it into production. These planes came into vogue during a time when industrialization allowed products of remarkable precision to be made for a wide market, but at the same time fine hand work was still being done. Not marked but made by Stanley and quite scarce.

It was made by Henry Slater, who made all of the Marples marked infill planes, just as Henry Slater planes always have Marples irons. The surface has a very fine pitting overall but the plane has been nicely cleaned and it really doesn't detract. They had the crummy black plastic handles stamped with Stanley on the handles and one-piece steel bolt and nylon washer.

The wood is untouched with nice surface and nice grain. This plane has a lovely even patina on the body. It has the origal instructions, the original envelope with extra spurs, dating and the original screwdriver. It mics out at thousandths of an inch thick. Castings are usually a bit thicker.

Do you see a raised ring surrounding the knob receiver screw hole

The plane is great it has a full original iron numbered to the plane. If not I'll get a photo next week. The wedge is an old replacement that was made oversized to make the plane easier to hold. This tool is a must own piece for the advanced infill collector.

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