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Ansonia Clock Company

Brief history of - antique ansonia clock manufacturing business which started in and. Photo inside of Ansonia clock. As far as I've found out so far it's a black slate marble casing Ansonia clock. Is this clock considered a cuckoo clock? The clock is in beat if it travels an equal distance either side of the center mark.

Dating Ansonia Clock

The case is made out of walnut. Over many years, I have learned a lot. This clock came from the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago and was inherited by us.

Dating Antique Clocks Labels and Trademarks

She was uncertain if it's age or value, but guessed years. My Mum has had it for quite a few years, she loved the Westminster Chimes - it does have a lovely tone. All these items have dates and companies that used them along with the years they were in use. The actual auctioneer was competing with me, but I won the clock. We acquired this in the mid s.

She paid pounds for it at that time. Unlike the first, the paper label on the back is intact. It has since fallen into disrepair and needs an overhaul to get it running again. At least I assume they are dutch since there are windmills, dating a beauty queen etc.

Antique Clock Dating and Identification

  • It is a Sessions clock according to the label and info I have found online.
  • This clock is very heavy, evidently a fairly solid piece of metal.
  • Their formerly popular black iron mantel clocks, china cased clocks and statue clocks were all discontinued.
  • It reminds me of one my grandparents had.
  • As President of the firm he makes great contributions to its success.

The dealer was, I think, Henry Brown. My grandmother gave this Ansonia clock to me. This clock forum page may be able to help.

Antique Ansonia Clocks - Company History

Phelps and two of his son-in-laws. We could help you more if you could post a couple of better pictures of your clock. With the proceeds from the cotton sales he purchased dry goods to sell back in his Hartford store. It is a double wind weight driven clock. The clock still works great, dating mobile keeps good time.

  1. During renovations to an old home, we found a small clock.
  2. This is my second attempt to post this as there were message board problems and I lost my first attempt Best, Richard T.
  3. It is model and has a Westinghouse clock mech.
  4. Junghans Also appears to be Leitner?
  5. This clock was brought back from Germany by my grandparents many years ago.

Ansonia Clock Company

Many clock makers and companies put their names directly on the dial and on the movement. Greek pillars with greek characters engraved including a centaur and maybe a figure of PaN. You may wind either one first. Its in excellent condition. Curious to the value and history of this clock.

Dating Antique Clocks

It has a head of a man on the top. What is the origin of this clock. Does anyone know more about it? Insured for about fifty thousand. There are no markings anywhere else.

The clock was made by the E. The frame is wood, though I don't know what kind. Clock works appears to be of nearly all brass type metal. Somebody asked me to sell it.

Antique Clocks Tips to Help in Dating Antique Clocks

Ansonia Clocks

This clock is that black wood color and has twin wood pillars on both sides. It's in perfect condition and looks new. Maybe one of you can help me I. Please let us know if anyone has information about this clock.

The face is brass with three brass weights. It seems to work and the chimes are on time. The clock is in perfect working order and looks like new.

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It has been passed down on my wife's side of the family. It still works although I have been trying to adjust how slow or fast it runs. It had layers and layers of paint on it when it was purchased. Not sure what it is worth. It has the label on the back with the word, Timon.

Another thing to notice is the style of the clock. The clock is encased in dark wood. What make of Marine Mechanical Clock is it? In Andrews sells all but one of his shares. She use to wind it up to hear the chimes.

Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. All I know is that it says Ansonia square pirate clock on the clock face and it is very heavy. My mom always called it a baby grandfather clock. Sailboat Clock by United Clock Corp. There don't seem to be many Ansonia Clocks from as the factory was closed during this time.

Ansonia clock dating BBBG

It used to have a glass dome over it. From the pictures, hopefully you can see the identifying features. It is quite beautiful and is painted in toned down colors. The paper labels that were glued on many antique clocks are a wealth of information if they are still readable and intact. If, on the other hand, you just want help identifying one or two clocks you happen to have, post it here.

When I found this clock it was covered by two inches of dust. The loss exceeds one hundred thousand dollars. It is probably a reproduction as it is made of plastic looks gothic. We bought it at an on-line auction because we liked its looks. In the clock company purchased a factory in New York, no photo dating and moved most of its production there after being spun off from the brass company.

Ansonia clock in excellent condition. Steven Thornberry User Administrator. Any help would be appreciated. Picked up this clock at an estate auction few years ago.

Competing with an Auctioneer! There is a very worn paper taped to the back identifying it as a Waterbury Clock. It says Ingraham eight day in the center of the clock face. The clock belonged to my husband's step Grandmother when she passed away. It no longer works but looks good.

Ansonia Clocks

Egret Crane or Heron on my clock? Gong striking clocks, is also known but it comes to date of some help in dating clocks. Would like assistance please in dating this Ansonia clock in an oak case, has original Ansonia pendulum and Ansonia key marked as Ansonia. Gong striking clocks subsequently made clocks just added - new york, dating an antique ansonia clock open encasement.

Antique Ansonia Clocks

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